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Clare Langley-Hawthorne, Edwardian England Mysteries

Clare Langley-Hawthorne, Author of the Ursula Marlow Mysteries


Mystery author Clare Langley-Hawthorne, author of  THE SERPENT AND THE SCORPION (Penguin 2008) and CONSEQUENCES OF SIN will speak and sign at Bookwagon New and Used Books in Ashland, Oregon on Friday September 11, 2009 at 6pm.

Serpent and the Scorpion, by Clare Langley-Hawthorne (Penguin 2008) Ursula Marlow is a strong female character, unwilling to bend to the expectations of her father and the upper class society she is born to. Set in Edwardian England, Langley-Hawthorne’s mysteries are filled with clever crimes and criminals, sexy romance, wild romps in exotic locations, and historic adventures.

In Consequences of Sin (Penguin 2008), Ursula Marlow discovers her a
ptitude for detection and begins to hone her considerable skills. In The Serpent and the Scorpion (Penguin 2008), Ursula faces international labor interests, financial ruin, and of course romance!

If you've enjoyed Jacqueline Winspear, Rhys Bowen, and Carola Dunn, you'll be delighted with Clare Langley-Hawthorne's Ursula Marlow mysteries.

"The book sweeps from the steamy bazaars of Egypt to proper English drawing rooms as Ursula battles international intrigue and her own sensuous nature. Dorothy Sayers would be proud of her Oxford sister."


Rhys Bowen,

 Author of Her Lady Spyness

and Molly Murphy series


Clare Langley-Hawthorne was born in Canada and grew up in England and Australia. She is trained as an attorney, and practiced commercial law in England. When she moved to the US, Langley-Hawthorne earned a master degree in economics and worked in the health care industry. Her broad academic background, work experience and life adventures shine in the Ursula Marlow mysteries.


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