Ashland, Or.  April 20, 2006

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Cara Black: Author, Murder in the Montmartre
Cara Black, author of the bestselling mystery series featuring Paris investigator Amiee Leduc, will be in Medford on Saturday May 6, 2006.  Her 9 am presentation, The Scoop on Writing Mysteries will be at Anna Maria Creekside with the Willamette Writers Guild. At 2 pm she will speak and sign at Barnes and Noble on Biddle Road. Both events are free and open to the public.
At her Willamette Writers Guild workshop, The Scoop on Writing Mysteries, Black will talk about how she uncovered her alter-ego, crime investigator Aimee Leduc, and how she solves murders that never happened. Cara will discuss the process of creating the first in her series, Murder in the Marais, and tell of places she visited that most Americans would never see: the Pont des Arts at midnite, on duty with cops in a dispatch room in police headquarters monitoring radio calls, a visit to the unmarked Ministry building across from the Elysee Palace, a dingy, winding staircase of a 17th century building on rue des Rosiers.
Black's Paris is romantic and picturesque, and yes, a dead body creates a certain amount of suspense in the beginning of each of Cara's mysteries.  If you know Paris, you'll feel right at home in Black's novels because each are set in one of Paris' best known neighborhoods -- Cliche, Montmartre, Marais, Belleville, Sentier. Plotting is tight and the mysteries are well written. Each mystery concerns the particular and peculiar history of that neighborhood and you won't put the mystery down until the twists and turns are resolved and history is revealed. Steamy and seedy, you'll walk the streets of Paris and step into the small bistros that make Black's novels come to life. And if you haven't been to Paris, you'll certainly want to after reading Cara Black.
Cara Black's latest mystery is Murder in the Montmartre, published in hardcover by Soho Press in 2006.  Her sixth mystery featuring private investigator Amiee Leduc, this one is about Corsican immigrants' struggle for survival in the Montmartre, a working class Parisian neighborhood. Details of the Communist resistance enrich the mystery. Murder in the Montmartre is a LA Times bestseller and earlier mysteries have been Anthony award nominees.
Not satisfied with writing, Cara Black's website is a rich source of information about Paris and the backstories of her mysteries. There's a very hip and contemporary guide to Paris, "The City of Light", maps of the neighborhoods she writes about, and a selection of her photography that evoke Paris as you wish you knew it.
Cara Black's visit to Southern Oregon is sponsored by the Willamette Writers Guild of Southern Oregon and the Ashland Mystery Readers Group.  For more information about the Willamette Writers Guild of Southern Oregon call Lori Patch at For more information about mystery in Southern Oregon call Maureen Flanagan at 552-0743, email or visit the Ashland Mystery Readers Group website at