Ashland, Or.  July 1, 2007

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Denise Hamilton: Bestselling Author of the Eve Diamond Mysteries
Denise Hamilton, Bestselling Mystery WriterDenise Hamilton is on tour with her latest bestselling mystery,
Prisoner of Memory, published by Scribner in 2006. Meet her at on Friday August 10th at 6pm at Bookwagon on Ashland Street. If you miss her at Bookwagon, you can catch her on Saturday at 4pm at Barnes and Noble in Medford.
Prisoner of Memory by Denise Hamilton, Scribners, 2006

Hamilton will also be Friday's guest on Jefferson Public Radio's Jefferson Exchange at 9am.

Author of the edgy Eve Diamond mysteries, Hamilton writes from
experience as an award-winning journalist with 10 years at the LA Times.
Set in L.A.'s vibrant Russian immigrant community where new money and raw power collide with hidden agendas left over from the Cold War, Prisoner of Memory confirms Hamilton's reputation as one of the most astute writers of engrossing, atmospheric crime fiction that shows the social realities of contemporary Los Angeles. Forced to partner on the story with her newsroom rival police reporter Josh Brandywine, the heat of competition heats up the pages.

Prisoner of Memory is Hamilton's 6th Eve Diamond mystery. Earlier mysteries include: The Jasmine Trade (2001), Sugar Skull (2003), The Last Lullaby (2004), and Savage Garden (2005).

Hamilton's mysteries have been short-listed for many awards, including the Edgar Allen Poe Award in mystery, Willa Cather award in literary fiction and the UK's prestigious Creasey Dagger Award.  Publishers Weekly says, "Like Raymond Chandler, Hamilton describes California in gritty, lyrical prose; like Sue Grafton, she shows aLos Angeles Noir tough-skinned, tenderhearted heroine breaking a few rules, if not a few bones."

Hamilton is also editor of Los Angeles Noir, published in 2007 by Akashic Press. Los Angeles Noir offers tales of crime and passion and betrayal set in the birthplace of noir from some of the most innovative and celebrated writers working today.

For those hungry for books, bring a couple of mysteries to swap with fellow mystery readers.

Denise Hamilton's visit to Southern Oregon is sponsored by the Ashland Mystery Readers Group and the Friends of the Ashland Public Library.

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Video of Denise Hamilton Reading from Prisoner of Memory (Scribner 2006) on Ashland Mystery rvtv noir