FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deadly Collection (2005)

Ashland, Or.  June 23, 2006

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Elaine Flinn -- Antiques Can Be Murder


The antiques biz can be murder! Meet Elaine Flinn, San Francisco antique dealer and author of the Molly Doyle mystery series, on Thursday July 13th, 7 pm at the Ashland Public Library (Gresham Street Entrance). Flinn will also speak and sign in Medford on Saturday July 15th, 2pm at Barnes and Noble. Sponsored by the Ashland Mystery Readers Group, the events are free and open to the public.


Elaine Flinn's Molly Doyle series is set in upscale Carmel, where Molly begins to rebuild her life after her husband ruins her New York reputation and runs of with the restorer he scammed and schemed with. Yes, Molly's on the up and up, putting her experience, connections and nose for that hidden treasure back to work in California. Instead of Sotheby and Christies, Molly's checking out California yard sales and flea markets and getting into trouble over dead bodies and odd antiques.  Deadly Collection, published in 2005 by Avon, is Flinn's latest mystery.

Flinn's mysteries are well written and good, fast reads. Her characters, especially Molly, are realistic -- they become exhausted and elated, suspicious and vulnerable. They drink, smoke, get mad and curse and eat too many microwave dinners. The books are well plotted and intricate with lots of antique lore and inside scoops to keep you learning about the merch and the biz throughout the books.

Dealing in Murder (2003)Flinn's first novel, Dealing In Murder (2003), was nominated for the Agatha, the Gumshoe, the Barry and the Anthony. The second in the series, Tagged For  Murder, was awarded the Barry for best paperback original of 2004. Taking ‘write what you know’ to the fullest – Elaine Flinn is on a crusade to help collectors avoid Emptor Caveat (Buyer Beware) while her Molly Doyle uncovers fraud, greed and catches a few killers.

"Molly's (and Flinn's) depth of professional expertise makes the Antiques Roadshow look like a La-Z-Boy commercial. If you want learn how to tell Sheraton from Shinola, and tons more besides, this book blows the rest of the antique-mystery subgenre out of the water," saysElaine Flinn, Author author Cornelia Read in a recent review.


Flinn's experience in the business really shows -- she was an antiques dealer in San Francisco for many years before trading treasures for mystery. "Those twenty years, by the way, were often interrupted by life, family, children and selling antiques, so I can't really claim to have suffered too much for my craft," Flinn reports. She sent in occasional manuscripts for the three "practice books" that preceded Dealing in Murder, but worked harder at antiques than writing. 

"It finally hit me one day as I wrote up a sales tag to a rather obnoxious and odious woman for a to-die-for Biedermeier chest I knew she only wanted because I'd sold a similar one to her best friend and she couldn't stand not to have one too," Flinn remembers. "I was wasting my "golden years" not doing what I wanted. And that was, naturally, to write." The rest, as they say, is history.

Elaine Flinn now lives on the Monterey Peninsula where she is hard at work on the next Molly Doyle mystery.  For more information,


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