Ashland, Or.  January 28, 2006

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Haila Williams, Acquisition Editor

Mysteries on Tape (or CD or MP3):
The Creation of An Audiobook


When did we start listening to books instead of just reading them? How did it happen that we now rely on audiobooks to pass the time -- in the car, cleaning house, walking about town or working in the garden? Haila Williams, Acquisition Editor at Blackstone Audiobooks will talk about how she selects books to be recorded, shepherds them through production and then gets them out the door at the February 9th 7pm meeting of the Ashland Mystery Readers Group event, held at the Ashland Public Library.


Audiobooks are now very much a part of the American way of life and portable listening devices like compact disk players and iPods have revolutionized how book lovers can enjoy their favorite authors.  Listening to a book is a unique experience and is a very different one from reading one. The experience is so different that you may find you prefer some authors on audiobook and others on paper.


With an audiobook, not only do you get the nuance of character, setting and plot thanks to the author's words, with an audiobook, you also get accents, dialog, inflection and the pace of the spoken word. Just think how Daisy Dalrymple sounds on Carola Dunn's Blackstone Audiobook -- with perfect British pronunciation -- or Shirley Tallman's feisty Sarah Woolson, ranting at injustice in 1890's San Francisco!.


What makes the audiobook just perfect for mysteries? Ever wonder whether an author can read their own works? Or how tricky is it to proof an audiobook? As Acquisition Editor at Blackstone Audiobooks, Williams can answer all your questions.

Blackstone Audiobooks is an award-winning publisher of audiobooks with national distribution and an outstanding catalog of mysteries. Blackstone will double its production of audiobooks in 2006 and is in the process of building an entirely new facility thanks to the successful growth of the company. Check out the Jan 19th article on Blackstone Audiobooks, Audio Book Company Hits the High Note, in the Ashland Daily Tidings and the Blackstone website

The Ashland Mystery Readers Group meets monthly, hosting mystery writers and readers who visit the Rogue Valley.  The series is sponsored by the Friends of the Ashland Public Library and Keller Williams Realty of Southern Oregon.


The Ashland Mystery Readers Group also produces the cable access television show Ashland Mystery, rvtv noir, airing Wednesdays at 7:30 pm on Cable Channel 31 in Jackson County, Cable Channel 15 in Josephine County and Cable Channel 95 on AFN. Now showing is Curt Colbert's 1940s Seattle Noir, interviewed by Ed Battistella. For more information contact Maureen Flanagan at 541-552-0743 or visit the groupís website