Ashland, Or.  May 1, 2007

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Rhys Bowen: The Molly Murphy and Constable Evans Mysteries
Rhys Bowen, award-winning author of the Constable Evans and Molly Murphy mysteries, will speak and sign at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland on Friday, May 11th at 7:30 pm. If you miss Rhys at Bloomsbury on Friday, you can meet her at Barnes and Noble in Medford on Saturday at 2 pm. Both events are free and open to the public.

Bowen is on tour with the latest Molly Murphy mysteries, Oh Danny Boy (St Martins, 2006) and In Dublin’s Fair City (St. Martins, 2007), set in turn-of-the-century old New York. You’ll be delighted with Molly’s brash Irish charm and the cultural and historical insights that enhance the suspense and pace of the mystery. In Oh Danny Boy, Molly investigates a serial killer who targets prostitutes on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The Drood Review says, “The most pervasive character in the Molly Murphy books is New York City itself. Bowen, always a consummate professional, conveys such a strong sense of the turn-of-the-century city that you can smell it. If you don't love New York, and Molly, when you begin, you will by the time you finish."

In In Dublin's Fair City, Molly risks traveling back to Ireland on what seems to be a simple assignment to find the long lost sister of a theater impresario. But things start to go wrong when Molly is persuaded to change cabins with a famous actress and the actress’s maid is found murdered. And the actress’s luggage is full of guns.
Rhys BowenOnce in Ireland Molly finds herself caught up in the freedom movement and a dangerous mission of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

The Constable Evans series is set in the fictional town of Llanfair, nestled deep in the spectacular mountains of Wales where almost everyone is named Evan. The simple pleasures and gentle humor of life in this remote region mask dark and complex mysteries that are a wonder to read.

Bowen’s two popular long-standing series will shortly be joined by a third with the 2007 publication of the inaugural mystery, Your Royal Spyness, featuring a new heroine, a sexy, not-quite-trustworthy royal cousin of the first family of England.

Almost every one of Rhys Bowen’s mysteries have won or been nominated for major awards including the Anthony, Agatha, Herodotus and the Bruce Alexander Historical awards.


Rhys Bowen's visit to Southern Oregon is sponsored by the Ashland Mystery Readers Group and the Friends of the Ashland Public Library.  For more information about mystery in Southern Oregon call Maureen Flanagan at 541-552-0743, email or visit the Ashland Mystery Readers Group website at


Rhys Bowen Reads from In Dublin's Fair City